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        We are a house of support & hope for those touched by substance use disorder

        In May 2021, Phoenix Society merged with the Little House Alcohol & Drug Recovery Society, based out of Delta. The merger came about after a joint recognition that the organizations’ values aligned, and together could provide enhanced support to more individuals struggling with substance use and their families.

        For over 30 years, Little House Society has been a weling space for group recovery meetings. In 2009, the little white house, located on 12th Avenue in Tsawwassen was gutted by fire. As a first step in rebuilding, the group undertook a capital campaign that garnered the support of over 100 local businesses, and many individuals, families, churches, and service groups. Through generous in-kind and financial donations, Little House Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Society reopened June 10, 2012. The 1800 square foot, fully accessible facility, includes a fortable counselling office, and two meeting rooms that acmodate recovery group meetings, workshops, and educational sessions. Room rentals are open to the munity.

        Individual Therapy

        Effective Jan 8, 2021 until further notice, workshops, support groups and counselling services are offered in-person or via Zoom.

        Individual therapy is conducted in a safe, non-judgmental, and private setting with our qualified drug and alcohol counsellors. With the help of our generous donors and the City of Delta, we offer 4 free one-on-one sessions to individuals and families who reside in Delta.

        • FREE Counselling Sessions continue via physically distanced face to face meeting, Zoom or the telephone and we are also available to provide TELEPHONE SUPPORT 24/7 for anyone in need. For support or to schedule a counselling session with a Registered Counsellor please call:

        Debbi McKenzie, RTC, Substance Abuse & Family Addiction Counsellor Phone: 778.522.5160 or email [email protected]

        Recovery Group Meetings

        All of our meetings are still available, some are held over ZOOM and some are face to face. Please see our latest schedule (link below) for more information regarding 12-Step and other meetings at this time.


        SMART Recovery – Self Management and Recovery Training

        SMART stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training and it offers an on-going cognitive-behavioural therapy group for the management of addiction. Participants are taught about the process of addictive behaviours, triggers, urges, and alternatives to using. SMART is a scientific alternative for people who are seeking independence from alcohol, drugs, gambling, and other addictive behaviours. You can visit www.smartrecovery.org/resources/family.htm for more information.

        SMART recovery is now being held face-to-face. Social Distancing and masks are required.

        For more information, please contact Darren Phillips, our SMART Recovery facilitator [email protected]

        Wednesday’s 6:15pm – 7:30pm FREE

        Heart of the Family Core Education Program

        • Do you have a loved-one who is struggling with addiction?
        • Are you feeling overwhelmed, under-equipped, fearful and alone?
        • Do you feel that the stress of coping with another’s addiction is putting your own health at risk?
        • Do you enable, rescue or otherwise “soften” the experience of addiction of your loved-one?
        • Do you focus so much time and energy worrying and caring for the addict there is nothing left for you?


        How to set boundaries and not enable.
        How to talk to our loved-ones when they are ready to talk.
        How to address all the trauma.
        The importance of self-regulation.

        Our mandate is to educate families about addiction, recovery and codependency and to provide practical skills and tools that promote personal healing. Core education program runs every Thursday for the first four weeks of every month 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM (PST) Cost is FREE for core education contact Debbi McKenzie, RTC, Substance Abuse & Family Addiction Counsellor Phone: 778.522.5160 or email [email protected]

        The Phoenix Society connects individuals to an extensive continuum of services that starts them on their journey to recovery and wellness and helps lessen the harms caused by substance use.